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Advanced Weight Loss With Chris Kresser

Since I was one of the first 150 members of Chris Kresser’s Personal Paleo Code, as a bonus I received a free seminar on advanced weight loss. The concept behind this 4 week series is to share the tactics for battling stubborn weight problems that have worked in his medical practice. It is intended for people who have tried low-carb or paleo and either didn’t lose weight or have stalled out with a significant amount still to go. Sounds right up my alley!

I just attended the first session this morning. Chris outlined his theory of obesity (listen to this episode Why It’s So Hard To Lose Weight – And Keep It Off) and what the weight loss plan entails. First off, is that you don’t start implementing the plan until after the first 3 classes. I guess there is a lot to cover, so in the meantime I’ll be brushing up on the personal paleo code and doing my own version of Mardi Gras before I start the new diet.

So what makes his plan different from others? He says it is because his plan also lowers your body’s set-point, so that once you lose the weight your hormones aren’t fighting to bring it back up to where it’s more comfortable. The plan uses a Protein Sparing Modified Fast and eventually transitions you to a “simple” paleo plan. I assume that simple means that you aren’t eating delicious meals and desserts that often are categorized as “paleo” because they don’t use sugar or flour. Instead I am guessing that you stick to simple meals that follow the Food Reward hypothesis which I’m not sure I subscribe to but … I am a wee bit desperate.

So wish me luck and I’ll report back with what I learn and any progress.