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What is Paleo?

Paleo is just an approach to eating that minimizes inflammation that casts one eye toward our genetic heritage as hunter-gatherers but keeps the other eye on modern biomedical developments so that we can weld together the best offerings that we have out of the past and the present, to live the most optimized life that we can.

-Robb Wolf

  • How Do You Know It’s Paleo? A handy flow-chart!
  • Wheat and Type 1 Diabetes The connection between wheat intolerance and Type 1 diabetes is pretty strong. It would be interesting to find/fund a study looking at type 1 diabetes diagnosis’s between children who eat wheat and those who don’t.
  • Do You Suffer From Decision Fatigue? Evidently your brain can “bonk” when it runs out of glucose, leading to some pretty poor decision making. I wonder if a ketone adapter brain would do any better?
  • How Yoga Can Wreck Your Body I used to follow yoga because I thought it made me more flexible but I’m starting to think that super slow or high intensity (HIT) may give me the same results without the back pain.