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Review: Dr Elsey's Cat Litter

Dr. Elsey's Precious Cat Litter

I am still on a mission to find a cat litter that is safe, convenient and affordable. Blue Naturally Fresh Walnut litter didn’t work out for me. So I decided for a while to switch back to clay but at least something less dusty. I picked Dr. Elsey’s Cat Attract or Precious Cat litter as it is recommended by one of my favorite cat ladies.

Just a quick note, I have tried Cat Attract, Precious Cat Classic and Precious Cat Ultra this month. Honestly I cannot tell the difference between them! So my review is for the brand as a whole.


I find the clumping to be mostly acceptable. The clumps usually stay together when I sift them out. The exception being when they pee against the side of the box and don’t cover the mess. That usually ends in pieces which is difficult to completely remove. If you cats don’t pee standing up or are good about covering their mess, then it shouldn’t be an issue.

Odor Control

What I like about Dr. Elsey’s is that they don’t add perfumes or baking soda. I have a reaction to all perfumes and have found that even “unscented” litters usually have a noticeable odor. Not so with this stuff, a new bag of clean fresh litter doesn’t really have an odor. My laundry room smells pretty neutral which I prefer.

I clean the boxes twice a day and can’t smell the box at all in-between cleanings. I was pretty surprised at how well it hides odor without any sneeze inducing additives.


This stuff is heavy! The clay alternative cat litters are all lighter.


I am happy to report that reality matches their advertising when it comes to this being a low-dust litter. I noticed immediately that the litter is mostly clay pebbles and doesn’t have a bottom layer of dust. I can pour an entire 18lb bag of litter into the box without having to cover my face (which I could NOT say for other clay litters like Arm and Hammer or Tidy Cat). Also when a kitty leaps out of the box and runs directly to me to be petted, they don’t have a fine layer of dust trapped in their coat.


This seems to track the same as any other clay clumping litter. Luckily the clumps stick together very well so at least they don’t track any wet litter around the house like they did with the Blue Walnut litter…


Cat Attract is more expansive than Precious Cat and since I can’t tell the difference between the two… I would go with whichever is cheaper. Cat Attract retails at $16 for a 20lb bag and Precious Cat at $9 for an 18 lb bag. However I have run into sales on both that end up making one much cheaper than the other or sometimes cheaper than my old standby Arm and Hammer.

Final Thoughts

If you are going to use clumping clay litter, I would go with Dr. Elsey’s without reservation. Yes, it still has silica in it but of all the clay litters I have tried, it has the lowest amount of dust. I LOVE that it truly is unscented too, not just “neutral” scented like some litters. Plus if you keep an eye out for sales, Precious Cat costs about the same as other brands.

However I have not given up on my goal of a clay alternative. I am working on getting the kitties to use World’s Best Cat Litter (slowly transitioning the test box from clay). Once they start using the test box on a regular basis, I will let you know how it went!