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Why I Read the Internets

I may have a wee bit of a problem with “reading the internets”. I even twitter now it’s that bad…

It feels like a dirty habit and I’ve never really articulated why I bother. I have tons of better, more entertaining things to do and yet I keep coming back for more. Gnolls.org has a great article that was a tada! moment for me. THIS is why I waste hours a week reading about a way of life that I’d like to think I’m pretty knowledgeable about and quite bought into.

It’s naive to say “food is just the stuff you shove into your mouth to prevent dying”. It means more physically, emotionally and culturally. And when I jumped off the deep end, giving up pretty much everything about what I used to eat, who I would eat it with, when I’d eat it and why I would eat it… it may have left a bit of a void. So I read about other people who are like me, struggle like me and try to reclaim the sense of community that I lost.

Or maybe I’m just an emo wuss. :) Some days it’s a toss up between feeling smart or just being pretentious…