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  • Is that chicken really free range? - Questioning if it’s possible to ethically and sustainably raise pastured poultry.
  • Is Bacon Actually BETTER For You? - A study shows that there is a reason why traditionally people have salted and cured pork and no it’s not to kill icky bacteria.
  • Making a Pill from a Ketogenic Diet - They start off great, glucose is toxic, causes damage and speeds aging. They then quote a study that shows that ketogenic diets normalize blood sugar and reverse diabetic kidney disease. So the next step would be to test ketogenic diets in diabetics, right? Nope! Evidently the answer is that there’s something magical about ketones and that we need to invent ketone pills. So we removed glucose from the diet and health improved so now let’s NOT remove glucose from the diet and just add ketones into the mix too. Yeah that should work great…
  • It’s Not That Hard People - The evolution of US nutrition recommendations. My favorite is FitBomb’s version of the 2010 food plate.
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