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Keeping Up With the Internets

There are a ton of great health themed blogs and podcasts out there. Too many to read them all, though I’m crazy enough to try. I’m currently following 44 blogs and 7 podcasts. A 2.5 hour commute does help too. :)

As part of my eternal effect to “organize the internets”, here is a listing of my favorite blogs and podcasts. But even that isn’t terribly helpful. Thanks to the blog format, listing content by date instead of importance or popularity, it’s usually hard to find the best posts or must reads especially if they were posted months ago. Here is my ever growing “Best Of” listing for blog posts and podcast episodes. Hopefully if you are just starting out or are looking for new ways to kill time online, this should give you some ideas.

Also if you haven’t tried using an RSS reader, why not give it a shot? I used to keep dozens of bookmarks that I had to regularly check for new content. With an RSS reader, I can go to a single page and see a listing of which new blog posts I haven’t read yet. I originally used Google Reader and now use FeedDemon (which still uses my Google Reader settings) and has a nicer interface.