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Healthy Baby Code

As I learn about nutrition and health, I wonder about the implications for pregnancy, babies and children. I can’t help but feel that if the mother (and father) improve their health prior to conception, eat a paleo during pregnancy/breastfeeding and then limit the child’s consumption of problematic foods that it would be an amazing gift to both child and parents. So many obstacles to good health would be avoided, the child wouldn’t have to overcome years of unhealthy dietary habits and hopefully a lifetime of good health would come much easier. I wish I had had that advantage starting out!

Chris Kresser asked himself some very similar questions and decided to “geek out” on the topic before starting his own family. The results of his research is The Healthy Baby Code, which is a set of videos (with PDF and MP3 versions) which summarize what he has learned covering nutrition, supplements, medical practices during pregnancy, labor and beyond.

To get an idea of the type information available he has a series free of Healthy Baby articles and an e-book 5 Dangerous Myths About Nutrition For Fertility & Pregnancy. I hope he doesn’t mind if I list the topic of the myths: low-fat diets, iron supplementation, fish & mercury, soy as an alternative to dairy and folic acid supplementation.

The full course isn’t free but if I were thinking of starting a family, this would be a must read.