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Hurling Insulin

Rather than explain my multi-year hiatus, I’ll just jump right in with a video demonstrating how I hurl insulin. I’m sure you can fill in the blanks on how things have been going since my last update…

I was describing to someone new to diabetes how I “chuck my pen like a dart”, and realized that my silly metaphor was causing confusion instead of providing reassurance on how easy injecting insulin can be.

A couple points:

  • Insulin pens are awesome and syringes give me the willies.
  • Hold the pen like a dart, lightly between your fingers.
  • With the cap on, practice pretending to “throw” the pen like a dart. A single, smooth motion moving at a reasonable pace.
  • Do NOT put the needle up to your skin and push it in.
  • I much prefer my hips or the side of my fat tire to my belly.

With this, 99% of the time I don’t feel the injection at all, and wouldn’t know that I had just poked myself if I wasn’t watching.